What determines how collaborative you'll be?

These four scenarios illustrate the factors influencing your ability to collaborate.
Do you prefer tabs or spaces?

What might seem like a trivial question to some, to those of us who live in code all day, the...
How to use a man page: Faster than a Google search

Linux manual pages are easier to use than you think and hold a wealth of information. Learn how to...
Managing creative assets with Planter

Learn how to create your own categories and start every project with proper organization so your...
A free, open resource to solve our third world problems

The Third World Problems project is building a community to apply open source solutions to serious...
3 MPD clients for an Armbian music server

Last month , I described how I'd configured my CuBox-i4Pro computer as a Music Player Daemon (MPD)...
4 lightweight image viewers for the Linux desktop

When you need more than a basic image viewer but less than a full image editor, check out these...
Functional testing Gtk+ applications in C

Learn how to test your application's function with this simple tutorial.
What does it mean to have an open mindset?

Learn how open thinking can help us curb bureaucracy.
How Linux containers have evolved

Containers have come a long way in the past few years. We walk through the timeline.


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