Best of Open Data: Winners of the Open Data Challenge |

Best of Open Data: Winners of the Open Data Challenge

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Last week, the winners of the Open Data Challenge were announced at the First Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels. The competition was divided into three main  categories: idea, application and visualization.

The winner in the idea category was bePart a mobile application that could increase citizen participation in urban projects. A citizen would be able to see current plans for urban construction projects  and review data regarding the project, such as consultation dates, cost, or duration of the implementation. The proposal urges the use of open infrastructure to build the application.

Best in the application category was  ("From Our Taxes" in Slovak), which provides an interface to find people, mostly influential, standing behind companies and  enterprises linked to government contracts. It empowers the citizen  to review the connections including the contract prices - increasing  the state transparency.

The best visualization, according to the jury,  was Bike Share Map. The map shows the current state of bike share systems in over 30 cities around the world. It displays bike usage and includes cycle redistribution.

Review all the winners, including the rewards for Open Data Sets, on the Challenge website.

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