10 most popular open government posts

Top 10 open government posts from 2012

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It's been a great year for the open source movement in government. I feel like we've moved the needle on the transparency, collaboration, and participation fronts. More importantly, the open government movement saw a fair amount of code released under open source licenses and lots of activity in the open data space.

In 2012, we discussed a variety of topics on opensource.com.

By far, our readers are most interested in exploring the final frontier while taking a peak under the hood of the Mars rover Curiosity. We took a look back at the history of open source in the U.S. government, provided a blue print for getting an open government policy passed, shared the first version on the Open Data Handbook, and much more. Here is a look at our ten most popular articles from 2012 in the open*government channel.

Top 10 open*government posts in 2012

  1. NASA achieves data goals for Mars rover with open source software, Mark Bohannon
  2. Open source in U.S. government in five minutes, Gunnar Hellekson
  3. Open source software policy is better without open source, Gunnar Hellekson
  4. Open Data Handbook version 1.0, Laura Newman
  5. LocalWiki project spawns open source communities, Jason Hibbets
  6. An open source city takes shape: Open, online tools and data, Jason Hibbets
  7. History of open source in government, Gunnar Hellekson
  8. How to get your city to pass an open government policy, Jason Hibbets
  9. Hacking on code and culture: Failure as validated learning, Jason Hibbets
  10. UK Government finalizes Open Standards Principles: The Bigger Picture, Mark Bohannon

As an added bonus, I decided to check out the stats for our top five most popular posts of all time. Here they are.

Top 5 open*government posts since 2010

  1. Open source is illegal?, Marek Mahut
  2. NASA achieves data goals for Mars rover with open source software, Mark Bohannon
  3. Lockheed Martin goes open source, people freak out, Gunnar Hellekson
  4. SCAP: computer security for the rest of us, Gunnar Hellekson
  5. Crowdsourced Icelandic constitution submitted to parliament, Jason Hibbets

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