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How to submit an image

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Thanks for your interest in creating images for We're always looking to collaborate. Below are some guidelines to consider before you start work:

Image guidelines

1. strives to publish visual content which embodies the following qualities:

  • motivating
  • editorial
  • authoritative (but not authoritarian)
  • human
  • optimistic

2. We believe open source is an opportunity to teach and connect with others. We do not believe it is a means of discriminating against other ways of seeing the world. Imagery should always be respectful of differing perspectives and lifestyles.

3. We ask that all submitted images be licensed under the Creative Commons (CC) CC-BY-SA license. This means that in addition to you granting a CC-BY-SA license to your original work, any source materials you have used (1) must be in the public domain; (2) must be licensed under a CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license; or (3) must be licensed to you by the original artist with the necessary rights.  For more details, see our page on license and copyright.

4. We post all our images to a flickr account, There you can get a feel for the tone.

5. Article images on are a set size: 520x292 pixels.

6. If you have used any source materials with copyright belonging to someone else, you must to identify the source, including attribution information.

7. If your work contains a recognizable person, we will require a release from the person.

8. When you have an image ready to submit, contact us.

Download a transparent PNG with the correct dimensions and the proper position of the CC-BY-SA indicia.

We are open to a variety of styles ranging from photography, to collage, to hand drawn, to 3-D rendering and beyond. As long as it is motivating, optimistic, and helps others see the benefits of open source.

Tip: One great way to contribute an image is to find an article that doesn't have one. Contact the author or contact us and pitch your image idea.