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Abstract Logix: Changing the music experience for everyone with the open source way

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Abstract Logix is changing the music industry experience for musicians, fans, and retailers. How? By embracing the open source way and using a community-focused and collaborative approach.

We interviewed Souvik Dutta, founder of Abstract Logix, to get a better understanding of how the open source way is helping to create a stable business and how they produce, distribute, and promote music collaboratively. Abstract Logix helps to enable gifted musicians around the world spread their audio art. They offer a groomed selection of innovative music from artists who are rarely represented in traditional retail shops.

How do they do this?

Abstract Logix uses a multi-pronged approach that includes a virtual community, a physical and digital record label, and an online retail shop. Let's go behind the scenes at  Abstract Logix with Souvik Dutta.

1) What one big opportunity in the music industry has the best chance of being solved the open source way (e.g., collaboration, transparency, meritocracy, rapid prototyping, community)?

The music industry is going through a unique phase. With the advent of new technologies and the Internet, just as there are challenges such as piracy, there are definitely new opportunities. Although every aspect of an open source approach has its merits, I feel collaboration and transparency have some very strong, long-lasting benefits.

For many years, it was quite expensive and logistically impossible for musicians across the planet to collaborate. Today it's only a matter of connecting over the Internet and collaborating on music. I am already seeing great musical minds meeting together to work on the same goal, without ever physically being in one place.

Transparency becomes a critical component during the monetization phase. I think artists, labels, and producers feel a very comfortable level of confidence when they are able to see their sales within seconds after an item has been purchased. These are results of technologies in place.

2) Tell us about your approach to the music industry. What open source principles is Abstract Logix embracing that might set you apart from others?

Abstract Logix was founded on the open source principles of community, collaboration, and transparency.

We wanted an infrastructure in place where our partners across various geographies could collaborate, share information with each other, and provide information instantly to various outlets, as well as to their customers. We want our artists to benefit from the free flow and sharing of information. We have a B2B [business to business] system set up where musicians, producers, and business partners share information, thereby contributing to the success of a project.

3) Do you think consumers care about how music is licensed and does it influence their purchasing habits?

I certainly feel that educated minds are concerned about how their decisions impact the society we live in today.

Just as I am concerned with where the source of my food is, I feel that educated music listeners are concerned with how music is licensed.

I think people at large want to make sure that the music they purchase directly contributes to the creator and legal licensees.

4) Tell us how you find and select the artists you highlight.

Abstract Logix was based on a strong foundation of producing and supporting innovative artists that are always challenging the limits and are open to embracing new ways of producing music using collaboration and transparency along with technologies that enable this kind of sharing.

We are working with musical pioneers and visionaries, old and young. Our clients include Grammy winners and musical icons like John McLaughlin, as well as young and upcoming icons of tomorrow like Alex Machacek, Jimmy Herring, and Wayne Krantz, among others. The common thread to all of our artists are that they are very hip and conscious about open source ideals like collaboration, transparency, meritocracy, and community.

5) Tell us about the The New Universe Music Festival. Why are you doing it and how does a live event compliment your approach to promoting and distributing music?

Since its inception in 2003, Abstract Logix has consistently positioned itself at the cutting edge of every element of music--sales, production, and distribution. In addition to traditional record label functions, Abstract Logix has fostered a vital community of musicians and fans via its online portal, constantly taking advantage of the ever-expanding possibilities of the digital revolution. Yet, we understand that nothing can replace the exhilaration of master musicians performing in concert. Thus the idea behind The New Universe Music Festival. Our artists will connect with the fans at the festival. The artists will be approachable and will be interested in trading ideas with their fans.

The fans will have a very personable time with the music and will be able to take away a moment of the evening when the DVD of the event will be produced in 2011.


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