Which gadget are you most likely to give?

Which gadget are you most likely to give for the holidays?

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Which gadget from our Gift Guide are you most likely to give?

286 votes tallied
Raspberry Pi
146 votes
21 votes
MaKey MaKey
14 votes
12 votes
Ice Tube Clock
13 votes
SparkFun Inventor's Kit
10 votes
2 votes
45 votes
2 votes
9 votes
Other (tell us in the comments!)
12 votes

It's getting really close to the holidays. Hopefully you've seen our gift guide and giveaway, and we'd love to know which gadgets you're most excited about.

So let us know which you think would make the best gift! Also, don't forget to register for our gift giveaway. The deadline to enter is December 11.

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