Six ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the open source way |

Six ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the open source way

You're always in luck when you choose openness.
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Bet you didn't think St. Patrick's Day had anything to do with open source. You're wrong--here are six things you can do to celebrate the green day the open source way: 

  1. Take a look at a different type of green--the Open Source Ecology Project
  2. Write an open source limerick and leave it in the comments. Need help? Finish one of these:

    A lady once made her source open.
    It was the code for which we'd been hopin'

    There once was a man who shared--
    Every bit of his work he bared. 

    Stop. Collaborate and listen. 
    Patrick's back with a brand new invention.

    No, not that last one. Don't finish that.  
  3. Or read about how the city of Limerick is implementing open source.
  4. Read the story of St. Columba and copyright in 6th century Ireland. It's not St. Patrick, but their relics may be together, so they're practically neighbors. Pat won't mind.
  5. Tint your open source beer green. Of course, if you haven't already brewed it, it's a bit late. Feel free to save this one for next year. 

  6. Send an St. Patrick's Day e-card to let a friend know you're always in luck when you're open. (Update: the e-card feature has been removed.)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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