Poll: What do you use to read your email?

What do you use for your primary email client?

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946 votes tallied
Apple Mail
43 votes
276 votes
83 votes
Pine, Mutt, Elm, etc.
46 votes
373 votes
16 votes
5 votes
Other (add to the comments)
104 votes

Email. The communication tool we love to hate. Personally, I'm trying to reduce the amount of email I get. I've switched most of my mailing lists to digest. And #noemail is an option I can only dream of at this point.

I remember the first email client I used,

Zmail. It was pretty basic. Then I used Netscape Navigator until it changed to Thunderbird. Some folks are shocked when I tell them that I've never used Outlook. Ever. Probably never will.

Which brings us to our question: What do you use for your primary email client? While our poll isn't scientific, it'll be fun to see what our community uses.

And if you'd like to reminisce about past email clients, share your story in the comments. What email clients did you use back in the day? I won't even ask about top posting versus bottom posting.


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