A recap of open source from June 2013

Open source highlights: Best of June 2013

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It's time to take a look back at June and see how open source is changing the world. We'll take a look at what articles where hot, a few that you may have missed, and what the chatter was all about last month.

We published 42 articles in June—that includes several posts from our community moderators and many from our open source community of contributors. Find out how you can contribute your ideas.

Top 5 articles in June

  1. Pidora: The Raspberry Pi Fedora remix, Ruth Suehle (Red Hat) — 6,796 page views
  2. Learning to program, the open source way, Bryan Behrenshausen (Red Hat) — 5,226 page views
  3. Young maker says Raspberry Pi is way to go, David Hamblin, Community Support Lead at Premier Farnell — 3,757 page views
  4. Open source summer reading list, Bryan Behrenshausen (Red Hat) — 3,259 page views
  5. Open source project management on the rise, Jen Wike (Red Hat) — 3,228 page views

Hot topics

Community building is always a great subject to talk about, probably because it is very complex—so we have some community building tips for you. Not only do we talk about different types of open source communities, we also talk about the impact, and maybe the drawbacks, of freeloaders.

Patents always seem to get the conversation going. In June, The White House took action to curb patent abuse while the U.S. Congress was looking to act on Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs).

We had some great interviews in June. We talked with Bill Kendrick who is the creator of Tux Paint and went behind the scenes of the Bugzilla Project. Plus, Gunnar Hellekson interviewed me in this podcast.

We had a few polls going to. Apparently, our readers love IRC and Skype (see the comments) and either don't use or know Chatter. Our readers have mixed feelings about the what the necessary characteristics are to start a local open government movement and how to open source your city.

Open source alternatives and code

You may have missed...


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