How long have you been involved with open source?

How long has open source been part of your life?

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How long have you been interested in open source?

3219 votes tallied
I was in the room when "open source" was coined
2468 votes
15+ years
190 votes
10-15 years
208 votes
5-10 years
178 votes
1-5 years
135 votes
Less than a year
40 votes

It seems that open source and the principles that comprise the open source way are here to stay. While I wasn't in the room when the term open source was coined in 1998, I do know some of the visionaries that developed the early strategy and advocated for the open development model.

Do you remember when you got involved with open source? Were you scratching an itch, attracted to the features of a project, or was it the commuity that wooed you over to open source? Share your story below after you take our poll.


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