What kind of tablet do you use?

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18% (102 votes)
4% (22 votes)
3% (15 votes)
Other Android tablet
51% (296 votes)
A non-Android tablet not listed above
4% (24 votes)
I don't have a tablet, but I'm considering one.
11% (62 votes)
I don't have a tablet, and don't care for one.
9% (54 votes)
Total votes: 575

It seems today that the naysayers were wrong: tablets have become ubiquitous. But has open source made its reach into the tablet world to the same extent it has to other areas of technology?

The early days of tablets, at least in those we'd call a part of the modern era, were dominated by the iPad; a clean, polished device, though about as closed a system as you can find. But just as had occurred in the smartphone market, iOS-based devices have steadily lost market share to Android and other operating systems. Some criticize Android for not being as open as it could be—after all, almost all Android devices ship with a large number of closed source components and applications. And many Android devices, like their iOS counterparts, are home to walled gardens of application stores, giving users restricted choice as to what applications they may download and install. But Android at its heart is still a Linux-based operating system, and its core is undeniably open source. And with third-party Android distributions, users have the choice to install a system on their Android tablet which is completely open.

There are also a number of other Linux-based tablets out there which do not rely on Android. Most any tablet computer which is capable of running an x86 version of a Windows operating system, for example, can be upgraded to a Linux distribution of your choice, with a number of graphic interface options available. Some distributions are now targeting other architectures as well.

So we're asking you: do you own a tablet? What kind? Are you satisfied with the level of openness on your platform of choice, or are still hoping for something more?

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Which Linux distribution supports touch on a windows tablet? And which windows tablet too?
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Jason Baker
It depends on what kind of tablet you've got, but there are probably going to be several options for you. Gnome 3 works pretty well with a touch interface out of the box, although the degree to which distros are designed with tablets in mind varies pretty widely. TechRadar ran a pretty good summary of five distros for x86 tablets last year, and I can only imagine things have improved since then. (http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/operating-systems/install-linux-on-your-x86-tablet-five-distros-to-choose-from-1162825) If you've got an ARM tablet (or conceivably some other architecture), you should be able to find comparable options with a little searching.
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Tom goldsmith
My iPad Air is ok but I would like something with a better OS.
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