What open source powers your media center?

Does open source power your entertainment media center?

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233 votes tallied
I use a Raspberry Pi, running something open on top
87 votes
I use XBMC (Kodi) or similar, on a proprietary device
62 votes
I have a DIY machine, running open source software
51 votes
I got MatchStick by Mozilla
6 votes
Other (tell us in the comments)
27 votes

Open source media center solutions have really taken off in the past few years, and there are now many more approaches to using both open source software and open hardware to power entertainment on your television. If you're consuming media with the help of open source, we're curious: how are you doing it? Are you running Kodi (formerly XBMC), MythTV, MediaPortal, or something similar on a custom-built machine? Or are you going slim and using a specialized Linux build on top of the Raspberry Pi? Or are you doing something else entirely?

So let us know, readers, what open source solution do you use to help power your entertainment media center?


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