When did you start programming?

How old were you when you started learning how to program?

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1389 votes tallied
1-5 years old
16 votes
6-10 years old
125 votes
11-15 years old
367 votes
16-20 years old
389 votes
21-30 years old
246 votes
31-40 years old
86 votes
41-50 years old
31 votes
51-60 years old
18 votes
61+ years old
1 vote
I haven't started learning (yet)
97 votes
I have no interest in learning how to program
13 votes

As Al Sweigart explains in his article I am already a zygote. Is it too late for me to learn to program?, you're never too old to learn how to program. And we should think twice before being intimidated by folks who say they were programming before they started walking—that doesn't mean they were writing good code.

Take our poll and let us know how old you were when you started learning how to program. If you're interested in writing for us, you can contribute to our popular My Open Source Story series and tell us about how you learned how to program. Email your story idea to open@opensource.com or submit your idea via our webform.

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