Open source conferences this year

What conference are you most looking forward to this summer?

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30 votes tallied
5 votes
5 votes
LinuxCon NA
5 votes
LinuxCon EU
2 votes
Another open source conference (tell us about it in the comments)
5 votes
A local meetup (tell us about it in the comments)
2 votes
An online event (tell us about it in the comments)
0 votes
I'm going to a fall conference (tell us about it in the comments)
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This week DockerCon, Red Hat Summit, and DevNation kicked off. And, there's more open source goodness in conference form to come this summer, and later this fall.

Let's say you hear a particularly interesting open source talk at a conference this year, which you're bound to do. Consider writing about the talk, or how your experience relates to the talk's topic. We'd love to hear your story idea or share your conference experience on Share it with us.

What other open source conferences are you going to this summer? Or later this year? We have a host of stuff listed on our calendar.

Plus, check out upcoming talks by team members:

Will you be speaking at an open source conference this year?

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