21 Canadians in open source to follow on Twitter #CanadaDay

21 Canadians to follow on Twitter #CanadaDay

Flying the Canadian flag
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Photo by Alex Indigo. Modified by Rikki Endsley. CC BY-SA 4.0

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Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north! In honor of your special day, we've rounded up a list of Canadians in open source to follow on Twitter.

Special thanks to my Canadian friends Diane Mueller, John Van Ostrand, and Dru Lavigne for helping compile this list. [Note: 21 and counting, thanks to additions in the comments and on Twitter.]

  1. David Ascher | @davidascher
    Follower count: 2,731
    Twitter bio: VP Product @ Mozilla Foundation; Before that, Mozilla Labs, Mozilla WebFWD; always thinking about product opportunities for Mozilla
    Vancouver, BC
  2. Pauline Barmby | @PBarmby
    Follower count: 589
    Twitter bio: Too many galaxies; too many hobbies. No time to make official Western U tweets.
    London, Ontario, Canada
  3. Tim Bray | @timbray
    Follower count: 32.8K
    Twitter bio: Web geek with a camera.
  4. Angie Byron | @webchick
    Follow count: 15K
    Twitter bio: Herder of cats. @Drupal core committer. Director of Community Development for @Acquia. @OReillyMedia author. @DrupalAssoc. Mom. Wife. Queer. Nerd. Gamer.
    Vancouverish, BC
  5. Luke Closs | @lukec
    Follower count: 1,270
    Twitter bio: An internet toolsmith doing his best to serve others. Founder & CTO of Recollect.net
    Vancouver, BC
  6. David Eaves| @daeaves
    Follower count: 9,110
    Twitter bio: Connecting: open innovation, data, public service renewal, public policy, open-source, & gov 2.0 with negotiation, collaboration, life, fun & rockband drumming
    Vancouver, BC
  7. Mike Gifford | @mgifford
    Follower count: 4,988
    Twitter bio: President OpenConcept Consulting - Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer - Free Software Advocate - Father - Feminist - Quaker - Prolific Photographer
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
  8. Jeff Griffiths | @canuckistani
    Follower count: 1,299
    Twitter bio: Web hacker / Product Manager for Firefox Developer Tools
    Vancouver, BC
  9. Emma Jane Hogbin Westby | @emmajanehw
    Follower count: 5,235
    Twitter bio: Beekeeper, project manager, recovering developer, feminist, Scotch drinker, crafty advocate, and small town champion. Author of Git for Teams.
    England (formerly Canada)
  10. TJ Holowaychuk | @tjholowaychuk
    Follower count: 23.5k
    Twitter bio: Code. Photography. Art. @tj on Github, working with team @segment.
    Victoria BC
  11. Leigh Honeywell | @hypatiadotca
    Follower count: 14.2K
    Twitter bio: 'pretty close to top of my list of people to give the keys to the orbital nuke cannon to' --@benjammingh. Security at @slackhq. Icon by @kivabay.
    San Francisco, CA [editor's note: Leigh is from Toronto, currently living in SF]
  12. David Humphrey | @humphd
    Follower count: 2,344
    Twitter bio: Believer, Husband, Dad, Writer, Birder, CS Prof @ Seneca College, Mozilla Firefox Developer, JavaScript, Squash Player.
    Rural Ontario
  13. Emma Irwin | @sunnydeveloper
    Follower count: 1,209
    Twitter bio: Participation Designer @Benetech, Mozilla Rep #FOSS #OpenEd Web Dev, Mom above all other things
    #Sooke BC Canada
  14. Allan Jude | @allanjude
    Follower count: 3,974
    Twitter bio: FreeBSD Server Admin, Scalability Expert, Host of TechSNAP.tv and BSDNow.tv Podcasts
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  15. Leif Madsen | @leifmadsen
    Follower count: 1,707
    Twitter bio: Co-author of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony and Asterisk: The Definitive Guide. Director of Product Development for AVOXI.
    ÜT: 43.521809,-79.698364 [Caledon, Ontario, Canada]
  16. Mark Mayo | @mmayo
    Follower count: 1,388
    Twitter bio: VP Firefox @Mozilla. Helped make node.js and SmartOS happen as former CTO of Joyent. Yes, I've still got the vmunix blues.
    Vancouver? San Francisco?
  17. Andy McKay | @andymckay
    Follower count: 989
    Twitter bio: Engineering Manager at Mozilla. Neophyte at Life.
    Vancouver, Canada
  18. Diane Mueller | @pythondj
    Follower count: 4,880
    Twitter bio: Director, Community Development @ Red Hat for @OpenShift; developer of @DiscoverTotems; founder of @GetMakered.
    Vancouver, BC
  19. Colin Percival | @cperciva
    Follower count: 6,068
    Twitter bio: Computer Scientist, FreeBSD Security Officer Emeritus, and author of Tarsnap.
    Burnaby, BC, Canada
  20. Mark Surman | @msurman
    Follower count: 6,480
    Twitter bio: City geek. Gadget freak. Father. Cyclist. Facilitation nerd. Community nut. Culture hacker. Executive director @Mozilla.
  21. Roland Tanglao | @rtanglao
    Follower count: 2,848
    Twitter bio: create compelling content constantly! - do it!
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  22. Greg Wilson | @gvwilson
    Follower count: 2,833
    Twitter bio: A lot of my stories aren't true, but this is a true story.
    Toronto, Ontario
  23. Mike Milinkovich | @mmilinkov
    Follower count: 3,474
    Twitter bio: Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. Director of the Open Source Initiative. Open source, travel and hockey. Based in Ottawa, Canada
  24. Ian Skerrett | @IanSkerrett
    Follower count: 4,969
    Twitter bio: Vice President of Marketing and Ecosystem at the Eclipse Foundation; Thinking how open source will change M2M and Internet of Things.
  25. Dick Hardt | @DickHardt
    Follower count: 5,116
    Twitter bio: Entrepreneur, public speaker, Identity 2.0 promoter, crazy monkey and @Bubbler founder.
    San Francisco [from canada]
  26. Zak Greant | @zakgreant
    Follower count: 719
    Twitter bio: Cook. Electronic frontierist. Magnolian. Jack of all trades.
    Vancouver, Canada
  27. Sean Kerner | @TechJournalist
    Follower count: 9,147
    Twitter bio: IT consultant, technology user, tinkerer and sometimes Klingon

Did we leave one of your favorite Canadians in open source off our list? Let us know who in the comments.

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