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What's your preferred text editor?

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The text editor is a workhorse for many people working in tech.

A few of the most popular options out there today are tried-and-true text editors like vi, Emacs, and gedit. And, a new text editor on the scene that's picking up traction is Atom. All four are open source, so you can get involved in the project and help improve it!

Fun facts

Vi is pronounced (vee - eye) and comes pre-installed on most Linux operating systems. An improved version is Vim, which you can learn while playing a game at VIM-adventures.com.

Emacs is a family of text editors. GNU Emacs was created by Richard Stallman for the GNU Project.

gedit is the default text editor for the GNOME desktop environment.

Atom is created by the folks at GitHub. If you use the chat platform Slack, you can join Atom there.

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