Poll: How will you celebrate Software Freedom Day?

How will you celebrate Software Freedom Day?

Free and open source software
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103 votes tallied
I will help a friend, colleague, or family member install or learn to use a FOSS program
30 votes
I will post a message on social media exclaiming my love for FOSS
29 votes
I will use only open source software all day long
28 votes
I will participate in a local Software Freedom Day event in my area
16 votes

Software Freedom Day is a global celebration of free and open source software (FOSS). What will you to on September 19, 2015 to celebrate?

We hope you can choose to do many of the options we listed in our poll to help celebrate FOSS on Software Freedom Day, but even if you can only do one that will be a great benefit to the community.

Here are some resources to help you...

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