Where do you back up your data?

Where do you back up your data?

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Nobody loves performing backups: they're often the last thing on your mind, an annoying task you think you can put off until tomorow. Even automated backups take some initial setup and cost. But to anyone who has ever suffered a catastrophic system failure or even just the slip of an errant delete key, proper backups are a lifesaver.

All physical media fail eventually. They only question is how long they last before they do. So if you care about the contents of a computer system, hopefully you've taken the time to set up a functional backup system. If you haven't, maybe this will be the last nagging reminder you need to get you to finally do it.

Whether you're setting up a simple rsync command that mirrors your home directory to a remote folder, or backing up hundreds of systems in a datacenter, you've got to store all of that data somewhere. So today we ask, where do you back up your data? On physical read only media, a spare hard drive, in the cloud, or somewhere else? Let us know where your spare bits are stored, and what influenced this decision.


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