How long have you been using Linux?

How long have you been using Linux?

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The Linux community is made up people who have been users for days, months, years, and even decades. How long have you been a Linux user?

As we celebrate the quarter-century mark of the Linux kernel, many of us can think back to our first introduction to Linux and recall the feelings ranging from excitement and joy to perhaps even a little bit of intimidation as we embarked on our journey to learn a new operating system. Whether you're a long-time user, or fairly new to Linux, it's great to be able to participate in a community which celebrates choice, freedom, and the power of people to create and share amazing software and knowledge alike. There are so many reasons to love Linux.

Today, the Linux kernel powers everything from personal computers to the most advanced computer servers, from cars to Android phones. We're reaching the point where many children today are native users of Linux, whether they know it or not, and some of them are now second-generation users. Who would have thought that this little operating system that started as "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like GNU" could lead us to where we are today?


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