About Life

The life channel covers all the other places open source touches our lives. From music to gaming, art to mathematics, the things we create and the things we consume are affected by the rights we have to share them with others.

Our simple philosophy: Sharing is good. You probably learned this too, from your parents or in primary school. But somewhere along the way, some people have forgotten those rules, and gotten greedy. The kid in kindergarten who always took the best toy. The neighbor who hogs the communal spaces in your apartment complex. The software that cripples itself when you try to reinstall. The music executives who fret over every mix tape format from cassette to MP3. Those people just don't get it.

The other sections of the site address the usefulness of openness in business, law, technology, and in government--the public sphere. But how does open technology and open information exchange affect us, in our private lives?

We think it's never been more important to "get it." In entertainment, in the media. In research and development. From the music that you download to the email client you use to keep in touch with grandma, technology has changed the way we live--the way we work, the way we play, the way we keep in touch. The age of digital media, the Internet, and the desktop computer allows more information to get to more people more quickly.

But who controls that information flow? Who gets to say what is allowed and what is not--can you share your own photos? Your files? Your own custom creations? And more than just what you do with the information you have--what about the very private information you and others need? The open information exchange has both benefits--and dangers. What does technology and openness mean for financial safety, privacy in healthcare, and privacy in general?

These are important issues, and the things we want to talk about. We'll be discussing open innovation in agriculture, in healthcare, in entertainment, in consumer electronics and technology. Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site, has a home in 'Life.' We hope you'll join us.