Writing for the Life channel

The Life channel is where we talk about all the places where the open source way is being applied in everyday life. And we know there a lot of stories out there. But we need your help finding them--and telling them.

Think of the open source principles--things like collaboration, participation, sharing, transparency. Where are these ideas at work in the things you're interested in?

Some jumping off points

General topics we're interested in:

  • music
  • video
  • art
  • health
  • food / agriculture
  • travel
  • games
  • environment
  • economic development
  • charity
  • work
  • kids
  • fashion
  • consumer technology
  • transportation/mobility
  • energy
  • science

If you have an idea for a story, whether it's just an idea or you're ready to write for us, contact one of us and share your story. You can also join the life authors mailing list where some of the nuts & bolts of getting articles published happens and you can get feedback from others.