A open source toolkit for building your own home
Are you interested in building your own green, open source home?
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Tips for managing your project's issue tracker
Issue-tracking systems are important for many open source projects. Learn how to optimize yours.
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Creating your first Git repository
Now it is time to learn how to create your own Git repository, and how to add files and make commits.
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Open source news roundup for July 10-16, 2016
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the Toyota joining the OIN, code that sent us to the moon, a fast new image compression format, and more.
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Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5, we highlight 22 open source tools for creatives, how to get started with Git, how the Fedora Project will deliver a reproducible build system for Docker images, eight ways to get started in open source, and five hacks for landing your dream job in tech.
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Yellow and red record playing
A search for "open music" reveals that not all open music is truly open.
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HardwareX promotes open source hardware for science
The purpose of HardwareX is to help accelerate the distribution of low-cost high-quality open source scientific hardware.
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Great Wide Open 2016 lightning talks: Ginny Ghezzo
A common piece of advice thrown around in tech circles is to "get involved," but what does that mean, exactly?
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Writing screenplays with Linux and open source tools
Seth Kenlon shows how to write a professionally formatted screenplay using Linux and open source tools.
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7 open source games for students
Computer gaming is a $25 billion market in the US, and it is one of the major application development industries. These are just two of the reasons why students should consider getting involved in open source gaming projects for their university course requirements. Other reasons include:
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