Contributing to open source software with Ian Varley of Salesforce
OSCON speaker Ian Varley talks about the nuances and effects of open source culture.
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Prepare your Raspberry Pi for space with an Astro Pi flight case
3D printing designs have been released and full instructions on how to make your own have been provided by Raspberry Pi.
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Weekly open source news
We take a look at a DIY recycling gadget, a new open source chemistry textbook, and more in this week's open source news roundup.
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Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5, we highlight 5 Eclipse scientific workbenches, a hands-on with the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, open source GIS projects, and more.
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4 keys to leading open source teams
Insights from Tessa Mero's talk Leading an open source project that she will give at OSCON Austin 2016.
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My Open Source Story: Gloria Bwandungi
Open source software played an instrumental role in Gloria Bwandungi's journey to becoming a full-stack engineer.
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7 science projects powered by open source GIS
FOSS4G North America is taking place in Raleigh, NC next week. We highlight some of the ways open source geographic tools are changing science.
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Purdue's IronHacks series puts unique spin on hackathons
Hackathons are well-known as events where developers come together to quickly turn out a piece of software, often competing against each other. But what if they were also a place for learning?
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M-Lab explores the current state of the Internet
M-Lab is the largest open Internet data project powered by crowdsourcing measurements of people's Internet connections from around the world.
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How to get creative ideas on to paper with open source tools
It doesn't matter if your project is a painting, a feature film, or a software tool that someone else will use to paint or make a movie. They're all creative processes and they all start with an idea, a concept. Here's how Jason van Gumster uses open source for concept development.
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