How I use Linux for theoretical physics
While writing his master's thesis, Jonas gained access to a workstation running Scientific Linux, and a cluster system with a few hundred cores.
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Preventing the next Heartbleed and making FOSS more secure
David Wheeler is leading a new project, the CII Best Practices Badging project, which is part of the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) for strengthening the security of open source software. In this interview he talks about what it means for both government and other users.
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Getting started with Vim
Want to become a master of text editing in the terminal, and beyond? These tips for getting started with Vim will steer you in the right direction.
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Making and preparing 3D models for printing with Blender
In the second part in our series on 3D printing with Blender, Jason van Gumster examines the process for making models and preparing them for printing.
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Vim or Emacs?
It may be 2016, but among many developers and system administrators, the editor war is still alive and well. Vim (and vi) or Emacs: Both have strong followings, and of course, plenty of people use something else entirely. Which do you prefer?
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Tutorials, workflows, and a place to showcase high-quality FOSS photography
PIXLS.US is a dedicated location for free software photographers to discuss and share their work.
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Learn an instrument with this open source music teacher
Nootka gives real-time feedback, has multiple difficulty levels, and is customizable.
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Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is a good looking and well built machine that runs Ubuntu and Fedora virtually perfectly.
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A open source toolkit for building your own home
Are you interested in building your own green, open source home?
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Tips for managing your project's issue tracker
Issue-tracking systems are important for many open source projects. Learn how to optimize yours.
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