houses and cars
The openHAB open source automation platform is designed to use a pluggable architecture, which means new devices and protocols can be added easily. We explain how to get started with this cool automation software.
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What sets Krita apart from other open source digital painting tools
Nick Hamilton talks about what he loves about the open source digital painting tool, Krita, prior to his introduction to it at Linuxfest Northwest 2016.
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A tool to help conference organizers find diverse speakers
STEMM Role Models helps connect event organizers with presenters from underrepresented groups.
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To celebrate National Poetry Month in the US and Canada, we have three projects that enhance the experience of reading or writing poems.
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Open gaming news on
Hello open gamers! This week we will take a look at the new website for RetroPie, and it's newest release, plus four new games coming out for Linux.
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Open source weekly news roundup
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at easy installation of Arduino on Linux, MediPi open source health kit, O'Reilly Software Development Salary Survey results, and more.
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Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5, we highlight an interview with 14 year old Keila Banks on open source for teens, 9 beginner-friendly robotics projects, what's new in MySQL, the innovative Vivaldi browser, and the advantages to using Docker with project management tools.
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A four year, action-packed experience with Wikipedia
How I got started with Wikipedia at 15 and became an Odia Wikimedian.
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Open source robotics
Open source isn’t just changing the way we interact with the world, it’s changing the way the world interacts back with us. Case in point: open source robotics.
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