Hit the road with Android music players and a travel mix
I'm getting ready to hit the road—mentally ready, anyway. In less than 48 hours, I'll be back on the first of two legs heading from Vancouver to Santiago, Chile, my "home away from home." This month, I'll share thoughts on open music and traveling. For those of you who haven't visited Chile, I... Read more
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10 tips and resources for combating impostor syndrome
With practice, I've learned that I can feel like an impostor but still be aware that what I'm feeling doesn't reflect how others see me.
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Growing a contributor base in modern open source
In the Node.js project, new contributors account for ~50% of all contributors per month.
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Open source drawing applications for Android
There is a rich and growing ecosystem of open source applications for mobile devices, just like the desktop. Learn about several free and open source drawing applications for Android.
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How to use digiKam for photo management
digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool.
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An introduction to data processing with Cassandra and Spark
Dani and Jon will give a three hour tutorial at OSCON this year called: Becoming friends with Cassandra and Spark
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Aspiring sys admin works his way up in Linux
After years in sales and account management, Rene Raggl is working toward a job as a Linux system administrator.
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Pittmesh: A community-owned wireless network
PittMesh routers are owned by individuals and configured in a way that make them work together to build a larger, decentralized network.
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Open gaming news on
Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at Shadow Tactics for Linux, Shadwen release date, and new games out for Linux. Open gaming roundup for April 30 - May 6, 2016
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Weekly news on
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at six higher education instructors who are immersing students in open source communities and projects, the co-founder and principal analyst at RedMonk Stephen O'Grady's remarks on the future of open source at the Collaboration... Read more
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