Why the proprietary MQA music encoding system is better than DRM, but still not good
Is MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) a better way to listen to music? Or just another opportunity for the music industry to sell the same music all over again?
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What you need to know about PostgresOpen 2016
Learn more about PostgresOpen 2016 in this interview with Stephen Frost, program chair.
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The rise of the shareable document
Using open document formats could create a domino effect where more and more work is modified and shared.
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Getting started with Doctor, the CMS for Markdown documents
Markdown is one of most popular document formats among developers and non-developers alike. It is easy to write and understand, but organizing Markdown docs is difficult. In this post I will introduce you to Doctor, a documentation server, that lets you manage your project's documentation with... Read more
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Learn all about FreeDOS, the open source Disk Operating System, and where the project is headed in its next release in this interview with the project's creator.
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10 reasons to use Flowblade on Linux as your video editor
Flowblade is a surprisingly effective and efficient video editor for Linux.
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Why I love these markup languages
Documentation languages are not one-size-fits-all, so picking the right fit for the document being written is crucial.
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LEGO Mindstorms programming with ev3dev
ev3dev is an open source project that allows the Mindstorm user to create a Debian-based operating system (OS) that boots from a microSD card.
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Student's open source project takes him around the world
His open source web application took him to the Open Source Software World Meeting in 2008.
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Giving proper credit to designers in 3D printing
Many 3D printed objects are shared under Creative Commons licenses that require attribution be given to the designer, but there are no established standards on how or where credit should be given.
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