Kicking the tires on Korora, a novice-friendly Linux distro
Do you want a new-user-friendly Linux distro that works out of the box? We show you how to get started with Korora.
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Simple LED control with Raspberry Pi
Learn how to use your Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins with the Pi Traffic Light.
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Open source gaming
You may have heard the news recently that the MAME project has been licensed under the GPL version 2.
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Project Goodeberry surprised sheep character
While I was putting together slides for my lightning talk at Great Wide Open (happening March 16-17), Not that Weird: Open Source Tools for Creatives, I remembered that in the last half of 2015 we had a bit of a loss from our open source creative toolbox.
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Closed silo challenges to an open web
The growing trend of closed content silos—publishing platforms that require a login in order to view the content—is a step away from a more open web.
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Turn your old Raspberry Pi into an automatic backup server
Put your old Raspberry Pi to work as an automatic backup server with rdiff-backup.
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Linux veteran Michael Perry shares how he's seen the operating system grow since he first encountered it 18 years ago.
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Firewall your home network with a Raspberry Pi
David Both shares how he replaced his dedicated network firewall computer with a Raspberry Pi 2.
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A template for creating awesome contributor guidelines
Open source contributor guidelines should be easy to read, thorough, and friendly.
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How to configure Raspberry Pi as a microcontroller
Seth Kenlon shares tips for getting the Raspberry Pi to act more like an embedded microcontroller than a mini PC.
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