Top 5 articles of the week on
In this week's Top 5, we highlight two Linux stories, one of theoritical physics and another of the olden days of Linux; and three articles that are part of this week's sysadmin series celebrating System Administration Apprecaition Day (Perl tricks, revision control, and horror stories).
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5 great talks (that aren't about Linux)
Watch 5 great talks from the past few years that aren't focused on Linux.
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A guide to scientific computing system administration
How open source enables rapid advancement in scientific computing, and an overview of administering single nodes, clusters, and supercomputers
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I've been Linuxing since before you were born
Carla Schroder shares tales from when using Linux was a long hike uphill both ways in the snow. Barefoot.
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5 tools to support distributed sysadmin teams
The OpenStack global infrastructure team relies on these five open source tools to communicate, and to coordinate our work.
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Poll: How do you abbreviate system administrator?
Friends, I have sad news. This week the editors of decided to make a small—yet painful, at least to me—change to our official style guide. Going forward, we will treat "sys admin" as "sysadmin." I'll admit that a little piece of me died as I updated our style guide, reluctantly... Read more
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Perl tricks for system administrators
Scripting in Perl is quick and easy, and its portability makes your scripts amazingly useful. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.
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The largest community FOSS conference you never heard of: OpenWest
OpenWest has reached the size of 1500 attendees without having to import attendees or big name speakers, relying purely on its regional tech communities.
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Avoiding data disasters with Sanoid
Sanoid helps to recover from what Jim Salter likes to call "Humpty Level Events." 
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How to restore older file versions in Git
How to find out where you are in the history of your project, how to restore older file versions, and how to make Git branches so you can safely conduct wild experiments.
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