3 cool projects to celebrate Arduino Day

Celebrate Arduino Day with 3 cool projects
Tinkerer Tom Callaway shares three fun Arduino-powered projects on Arduino Day 2016.Read more April preview

Preview on paper with coffee
Check out what's coming up in April, including our calls for proposals and upcoming series.Read more

Drupal creator on saving the open web

Image of spider web
Can we save the open web? Dries Buytaert , creator of Drupal , talked to a group during SxSW Interactive about how he began the content management...Read more

After a nasty computer virus, sys admin looks to Linux

A costly computer virus led Soumya Sarkar to start using Linux in 2004. He hasn't looked back since.Read more

Open gardening tools for growing green thumbs and a healthier planet

Open gardening tools for growing green thumbs and a healthier planet
Learn more about AKER, an open source, modular urban agriculture system that share tools that help build ecologically resilient, healthy communities.Read more

OpenWebGIS: An open source geographic information system

Learn more about OpenWebGIS
Learn more about OpenWebGIS, an open source JavaScript geographic information system (GIS).Read more

5 open source home automation tools

With the Internet of Things rapidly expanding the number of connected devices in our homes, finding open source solutions for controlling them is...Read more

Deeplearning4j founders on growing an AI community

Building an open AI community around Deeplearning4j
Deeplearning4j is an open source, distributed neural net library written for Java and Scala. It is also one of the most active communities on Gitter...Read more