Nearly 15,000 people signed up and 5,708 earned a T-shirt. In total, participants submitted 48,902 pull requests.
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I hate telling the story of how I learned to program. In the third grade, a friend showed me a book he found in the school library on making small games in the BASIC programming language. I was obsessed with Nintendo and got hooked on the idea of creating my own video games. I began programming... Read more
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As Al Sweigart explains in his article I am already a zygote. Is it too late for me to learn to program?, you're never too old to learn how to program. And we should think twice before being intimidated by folks who say they were programming before they started walking—that doesn't mean they were... Read more
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Robot for computer science education, The Hello World Program
A look behind the scenes of Dototot's The Hello World Program, a YouTube channel aimed at computer science education.
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Tom Haines of 3Dami talks about using Blender to teach the animated movie-making process to teens.
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Image of spider web
Sandstorm's Jade Wang shares some of her favorite open source web apps that are self-hosted alternatives to Google Drive.
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Kdenlive has so many tools that some often get overlooked. Seth Kenlon takes a look at 10 of the best.
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sticker poll lead
Dozens of readers replied to the hashtag #openstickers on Twitter to share their sticker rules and photos. This led to the gallery of open source project stickers you see below. And for those of you walking around with naked laptops: Feel free to download stickers as a PDF to print... Read more
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Yearbook cover 2015
Jos Poortvliet shares some of his favorite uses for the open source self-hosted storage platform.
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My open source story
Pete Savage shares why open source solutions, although they aren't always the tools we want, are the tools we need.
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