Research reveals value of gender diversity in open source communities


Open source research often paints the community as a homogeneous landscape. I have collected stories from open source contributors to begin constructing a new narrative of diverse experience. These contributors are 20 women and men, living in seven countries. » Read more


Three days, two open hardware events, one location: Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire:NYC

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If you're interested in open hardware, you should point yourself towards New York next month. Registration has opened for the second Open Hardware Summit, to be held September 15. Conveniently, this again will take place two days before Maker Faire: NYC. Both will be in the New York Hall of Science. What more could an open hardware lover ask for?

Open Hardware Summit » Read more


Sharing the unconference way: Hosting a BarCamp in Nepal

Humans have a natural tendency to share and socialize. People have ideas they want to discuss with others, get comments on and build upon. People also love to see, meet and interact with like-minded people and form a team so as to pursue their passions, ideas and dreams. People like to reach out to other people, and they have been doing this through small gatherings–at coffee shops, bars, and, recently (thanks to Web 2.0), through blogs and social networking services. The social networking era has begun and witnesses an overflow of information people want to share with others. » Read more


Give a trial loan through Kiva for free

We've mentioned microlending site Kiva before as an example of the new sharing economy and how one tweet can change the world. And I'd been curious about the site's operations--just never quite curious enough to make a donation, until today. » Read more


OSCON 2011: Open source won. Now what?

The theme of OSCON 2011 is "From disruption to default." While that certainly captures the status of open source these days, it isn't exactly news to anyone attending the conference. But the welcoming keynote addresses and early sessions devoted to data scalability and Java seem to be giving attendees fuel for thought and grist for some real soul-searching as the era of open source ubiquity (if not outright dominance) begins. » Read more


Has social media changed sharing?

We like to highlight the values of the open source way like collaboration, meritocracy, transparency, and sharing here on We share ideas, best practices, content, images, opinions, and much more. But has "sharing" changed with the increased use of social media? » Read more


Poll: Your favorite open source conferences

After you vote, tell us why you made your choice and tell us about your favorite open source conferences.


Watch the OSCON live stream

This week O'Reilly is holding its thirteenth Open Source Convention, OSCON, which is, as described on their website: » Read more


Eight weeks of #noemail (and the results are in)

Professor Jones seems to have struck a chord with his attempt to abandon email. Since we published our look at his #noemail attempt and sat down for a chat, he’s been interviewed, referenced, and talked about all over the Internet--and even on the (local) nightly news. Other people have followed suit (knowingly or not), and some of the people who influenced Jones are continuing to promote a move towards a different kind of social communication (like, say, IBM or all this talk about Google+).

Even we were pretty surprised--the response to the piece we ran was pretty impressive all by itself. And the numbers from the poll seem to suggest that lots of you out there would like to ditch your inbox, even if you don’t think you could actually do it.
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Our summer reading list: Wizards, generals, startups, and copies

It's the heat of summer here in North America, so it's time to reprise our summer reading list with this year's choices. Some are recent releases; others are older favorites and perhaps new to you. Regardless of age, they're what our open source authors are reading this summer and would like to recommend to you.

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