Top 5: Linux-compatible music, top IRC clients, and more

Open in sky
This week, we highlight a Linux story from 1996, top open source IRC clients, an intro to GitHub, three tests for better documentation, and a few of...Read more November preview

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Top 4 open source IRC clients

Open source chat
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Polishing cars wasn't in my job description

My open source story
Autodesk's Guy Martin shares his open source story.Read more

Solving clients' problems with open source technology

Middleware expert Dino Ciuffetti clearly remembers his first encounter with Linux back in 1996.Read more

A short introduction to GitHub

GitHub logo with navy background
Summary of All Things Open 2015 session with Lee Faus, GitHub 101: An introductionRead more

What is your favorite open source video player?

You may use something obscure, or you may use a more popular video player. Which open source video player do you use? Tell us why you love—or hate—it...Read more

Building a connected car with Restlet Framework

Ericsson researchers are experimenting with ways to bring cars into the Internet of Things.Read more