Linux helps rural student transform rocky academic start into FOSS confidence

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Gauthamraj Elango is from a small, rural town in southern India. His academic studies floundered, and then he found Linux. From there he has...Read more

Surveillance and the erosion of weirdness (a TxLF report)

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Unity on Linux, TuxRacer on Ubuntu Touch, and more open gaming news

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Linux Foundation security badge, Raspberry Pi success, White House tool, and more

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Top 5: Linux kernel birthday, Pinrepo, alternatives to Trello, and more

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Developer lowers Drupal's barrier to entry

Kalamuna co-founder Alec Reynolds talks about his company's Kalabox project, Drupal, and his hopes for the future of open source.Read more

3 steps for planning a successful open source meetup

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Adding lower thirds in Kdenlive

Seth Kenlon shows us how to add lower thirds to video in Kdenlive.Read more