Poll: Do you have 3D printing access?

Do you have access to a 3D printer?

3D printing the open source way
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3D printing is changing the game. The way we strategize, plan, create, and do business is different now that objects can be materialized by adding layer upon layer.

A 3D printer is something anyone or any business can purchase: LulzBot (AO-101 3D Printer for $1,725) and Makerbot (Replicator™2 for $1,999) are two innovators achieving high marks in this makerspace.

  • Has your place of work installed a 3D printer? Do you have access to it? What is that process like? 
  • Do you want your boss to purchase one? Why do you think it would make a difference?
  • Own one personally? What do you make?

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