Poll: Which chat platform do you primarily use?

Which chat platform do you primarily use?

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2054 votes
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38 votes
75 votes
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Instant messenger
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Other (tell us in the comments)
59 votes

Chat has changed a lot over the years. It plays a vital role in communicating and collaborating. I remember using ICQ—do you remember that annoying sound when someone messaged you? Uh-Oh!

While the underlying technology and protocols haven't seen much change, the tools we use have certainly come and gone. The introduction of micro-blogging has seen chat move out of the chat room to highly-visable on platforms like Gmail and Salesforce. But we're curious...

Which tool is your go-to chat preference? If you could only pick one, even though we know many of you use more than one, which would it be? Tell us what you use and why.


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