What do you know about OpenStack?

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Jason Baker (Red Hat)
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What is your comfort level with OpenStack?
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Nothing. (Tell me more!)
32% (125 votes)
I've read some, but I'm no expert.
40% (155 votes)
I've played with it, but I haven't made the jump yet.
11% (42 votes)
I'm starting to deploy OpenStack at my organization.
7% (27 votes)
I use it in a production environment.
5% (19 votes)
Are you kidding? I'm an OpenStack core project developer!
6% (22 votes)
Total votes: 390

OpenStack is a set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds. Backed by some of the biggest companies in software development and hosting, as well as thousands of individual community members, many think that OpenStack is the future of cloud computing. OpenStack is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit which oversees both development and community-building around the project.

If you want to learn more about the OpenStack community and what's going on behind-the-scenes, we've featured a number of articles that you might want to check out:


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Jason is passionate about using technology to make the world more open, from software development to bringing sunlight to local governments. He is particularly interested in data visualization/analysis, DIY/maker culture, simulations/modeling, geospatial technologies, and cloud computing, especially OpenStack. Follow him on Twitter or Google+.

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