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In open organizations, people gain influence primarily through contribution—not formal title or position in a hierarchy. To make an impact in yours, start here.
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Investing in learning agility and core capabilities is as important for the individual worker as it is for the decision-making executive. Thinking openly can get us there.
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The mindsets, behaviors, and communication patterns necessary for establishing psychological safety in our organizations may not be our defaults, but they are teachable and observable.
The Open Organization Guide for Educators

As students head back to school, this community-produced volume in the Open Organization book series offers instructions of building more open learning contexts.
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Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst explains that even the smallest gestures can impact how an organization sees itself—and how it sustains itself.
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Leading work that cuts across teams and departments isn't easy, but taking an open approach will help you succeed. Here's a checklist for getting started.
Teacher or learner?

The ability to learn and adapt quickly isn't something our hiring algorithms typically identify. But by ignoring it, we're overlooking insightful and innovative job candidates.
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An open approach to training the next generation of cybersecurity experts can fully equip them to combat a constantly shifting threat landscape.