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Join the open organization community conversation about open organizational design and culture. Read more about the ways open principles like transparency, collaboration, and community are changing the way we work, manage, and lead.
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A closer look at the nature of innovation might cause us to rethink how we participate in meritocracies.
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By understanding your manager's perspective and goals, you can become a true partner in ensuring your team's success.
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Being more transparent and collaborative in our management practices can lead to feelings of inclusion, support, and belonging on our teams.
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Solving global problems will require global collaboration. Working openly is the best way forward.
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In an open organization, the best ideas should always win. But the best ideas can't win if we don't hear them.
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In some organizations, a cultural aversion to openness is strong. How can managers overcome it—and create a new sense of shared purpose on their teams?
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We get better results when we let other perspectives collide with our own. This method for adopting those perspectives can help.
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Successfully addressing shared global problems requires open source—both principles and code—to foster innovation quickly and bridge gaps in effective remote collaboration.