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Open organizations reward initiative. For leaders with anxiety, that may fuel some exhausting patterns.
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In open organizations, fostering passionate communities can increase collaboration, accelerate problem solving, and lead to greater innovation.
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A look at the most popular open organization community articles of 2019.
Leaders are catalysts

Open Leaders X, a growing program supported by Mozilla, aims to cultivate leaders who think and act openly—all over the world.
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A seemingly straightforward translation exercise turned into a lesson about the power of open decision making.
Open for business

Empowering your customers means opening up to them—but it won't work if you don't trust each other.
Open community, gardeners and food co-op

If organizational silos are slowing your teams down, consider building communities of practice to supercharge collaboration.
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Granting customers more autonomy and control can be scary. It's also an inevitable consequence of digital transformation. Time to open up our relationships.