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"Self-organization" and "management" aren't mutually exclusive. But we'll need to rethink the role...
Grumpy cat graphic by Kimberly Keyes

How to build a productive relationship with the complicated people in your life.
Building more trustful teams—in 4 steps

Author and former FBI agent Robin Dreeke explains how leaders can cultivate trust effectively.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

A successor to DevOps would place design at the center of value creation. Call it "DesOps."
Crucial lessons in building trust from a former FBI agent

This book can help you build the trustful relationships on which your open organization depends.
failure sign at a party, celebrating failure

The only way your team will meet its goals: experiment, fail, adjust, and learn.
Building your team's culture of shared responsibility

Effective leaders delegate—but open leaders use delegation as a tool for enhancing trust,...
To survive Industry 4.0, think beyond the digital

At the heart of what we call "digital transformation" isn't just technology—it's people, too. When...