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Open organizations rely on open conversations. These common barriers to productive argument often get in the way.
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Developing socially responsible approaches to artificial intelligence requires transparent and inclusive education about algorithmic systems.
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Our community dedicated to exploring open organizational culture and design turns four years old this week.
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We can't predict everything that will affect our organizations. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst says the only way to prepare for an unknowable world is to open up.
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In open organizations full of frank and honest conversation, disagreements are inevitable. How can you ensure your teams are making those disagreements productive—and not destructive?
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The next volume in the Open Organization book series will help readers re-imagine our classrooms, departments, and schools.
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If the problem is a struggle to innovate, then the solution is greater diversity and inclusion.
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Just as computer languages shape our models, our choice of spoken languages impacts research and pedagogy. Do scholars need an open human language, too?