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The trick to effectively influencing your community's decisions? Empathy, confidence, and patience.
The Open Organization at Greenpeace

We're building an innovative platform to connect environmental advocates—but system complexity threatened to slow us down. Opening up was the answer.
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We can meet global energy and climate change challenges with an open mindset.
The Open Organization at Greenpeace

Global problems require global solutions. Global solutions require open organizations. Learn how Greenpeace is opening up to address climate change.
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In open organizations, people gain influence primarily through contribution—not formal title or position in a hierarchy. To make an impact in yours, start here.
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Investing in learning agility and core capabilities is as important for the individual worker as it is for the decision-making executive. Thinking openly can get us there.
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The mindsets, behaviors, and communication patterns necessary for establishing psychological safety in our organizations may not be our defaults, but they are teachable and observable.
The Open Organization Guide for Educators

As students head back to school, this community-produced volume in the Open Organization book series offers instructions of building more open learning contexts.