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Join the open organization community conversation about open organizational design and culture. Read more about the ways open principles like transparency, collaboration, and community are changing the way we work, manage, and lead.
Working on a team, busy worklife

In many ways, the nature of our work defines us. So how do we prepare for a future when the nature of work will change dramatically?
Looking back with binoculars

Open principles are reshaping our organizations. These stories—our most-read of the year—explain how and why that's happening.
Team checklist

History demonstrates the kinds of organizational structures that foster innovation: open, communal, and humble. Here are just two examples.
A sprout in a forest

Certain environments are more conducive to innovation. A better understanding of innovation's true nature could help us build them.
Ship sails in the sky

In an open organization, the best kind of manager is the one that sets context and empowers others to do their best work.
Brick wall between two people, a developer and an operations manager

How does transitioning into management change someone's view of working according to open principles?
Open source innovation text with tools made from lines

A closer look at the nature of innovation might cause us to rethink how we participate in meritocracies.
a handshake

By understanding your manager's perspective and goals, you can become a true partner in ensuring your team's success.