Poll: GNU Screen or tmux?

GNU Screen or tmux?

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ajmexico. Modified by Jason Baker. CC BY-SA 2.0.

If you've spent a fair amount of time working on the command line, chances are you've tried out a terminal multiplexer. These helpful tools let users easily switch between applications in the terminal, save sessions for later, and manage connections to many machines from one location.

When it comes to this category of terminal tools, two of the most popular options are GNU Screen and tmux. We've published intro-level articles about both tools over the past couple of weeks, and in that time we've received lots of insightful comments from our community members about why they prefer one over the other and how it fits into their day-to-day.

In the spirit of continuing the discussion, we want to know: Which terminal multiplexer do you prefer? GNU Screen or tmux?

Once you cast your vote, be sure to let us know why it's your go-to in the comments section below.


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