Which IDE do you prefer?

Happy IDEs of March: Which code editor do you prefer?

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Jason Baker for Opensource.com. 

Welcome to the Ides of March, or as we'd like to call it, the IDEs of March. To celebrate, we're asking our readers to let us know which code editing tool they prefer, whether a full-fledged integrated development environment or a simple text editor. Fortunately, there are tons of open source options out there for you to choose from. Which one is your favorite?

Where does the line between an advanced text editor and an IDE actually fall? There are probably as many opinions about that as there are editors to choose from. Most IDEs come with syntax highlighting, autocompletion, a tree view of all of the files in the project, an integrated debugger, built-in support for version control, etc. But many of these tools are available as plugins to your favorite text editor as well.

Whatever tool you choose to use, we'd like to know. Tell us what editor you prefer for writing code, and why this choice is the one you made.

Haven't picked out the perfect IDE for you? We can help.


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