Which shell do you prefer in your Linux terminal?

Which Linux command shell do you prefer?

Shells in a competition
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Which command shell do you prefer?

When we asked this question a year ago as a part of our article on open source shell options, over six thousand of you responded, and Bash was the overwhelming winner that time around. But preferences change over time, and we thought it was high time to ask again. Which shell do you use, and why?

Personally, I default to Zsh on any machine I spend long enough using to warrant doing some customization. It's nothing again Bash; I use bash all the time on remote systems, and I'd hazard a guess that pretty much every shell script I have saved invokes bash to run it. But the first time someone showed me Oh My Zsh and how I could instantly make my terminal easier to use and, well, more awesome, I was hooked. Yes, similar projects have developed for other shells (like Bash-it), but the large community and huge number of themes and plugins for Oh My Zsh sold me.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Go out there, try a couple of shell options, and report back: Which shell is your favorite, and why do you prefer it?

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