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What's your primary backup strategy for the /home directory in Linux?

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I frequently upgrade to newer releases of Fedora, which is my primary distribution. I also upgrade other distros but much less frequently. I have also had many crashes of various types over the years, including a large portion of self-inflicted ones. Past experience with data loss has made me very aware of the need for good backups.

I back up many parts of my Linux hosts but my /home directory is especially important. Losing any of the data in /home on my primary workstation due to a crash or an upgrade could be disastrous.

My backup strategy for /home is to back up everything every day. There are other things on every Linux system to back up but /home is the center of everything I do on my workstation. I keep my documents and financial records there as well as off-line emails, address books for different apps, calendar and task data, and most importantly for me these days, the working copies of my next two Linux books.

I can think of a number of approaches to doing backups and restores of /home which would allow an easy and complete recovery after a data loss ranging from a single file to the entire directory. Which approach do you take? Which tools do you use?

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