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November 2013


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  • The membership of the Open Government Partnership has grown from 8 countries to 60 countries in just 23 months. Why? Because the desire for honest, efficient and effective government is universal, and is now more urgent than ever. In many places, public confidence in government is at all-time lows, and people are demanding a voice. More and more governments around the world recognize that to keep up, we must open up. And to open up, we must innovate.

    We now have the know-how and the technology to reinvent the relationship between citizens and the state. This is by no means an easy task, but when we look around, we see that good ideas come from everywhere. That is what the Open Government Partnership is all about. This October 31-November 1, 2013 we would like to invite you to join us in London to celebrate recent innovations in open government and challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

    10/31/2013 - 11/01/2013
    London, UK
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  • MODXpo is the official, international user conference for the open source MODX CMS.

    MODX developers, designers and site builders from around the world will gather to learn, share, explore and network. If you've not been to a MODXpo, this is the event for you.

    Learn all about MODX from the ground up. Deepen your understanding and learn new skills; meet the people you've known from the MODX community for years; find and forge new relationships with skilled MODXers and much more.

    This two day conference will cover topics from open source contribution to MODX CMS, to getting started with the platform, responsive web design, to building complex applications and integrations with MODX, mobile and beyond.

    MODXpo 2013 is at the beautiful KOMED conference center, located in Cologne's MediaPark.

    11/01/2013 - 11/02/2013
    Cologne, Germany
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  • Appcelerator's Titanium platform is an open source tool for developing mobile, tablet and desktop applications using pure JavaScript. This year we want to bring Titanium Developers, new & old, from all over the world together for a 2 day hackathon and 'camp' event.

    The weekend will start with presentations and an unconference, a conference where the speakers are the attendees and almost no topics are pre-defined, but the subject will be the same: Titanium.

    11/02/2013 - 11/03/2013
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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  • The premier annual event where customers, partners, end-users, engineers, and other community members gather to share ideas, insights, and innovations around Alfresco, the open source Enterprise Content Management platform. This year we have expanded the conference to include both technical and non-technical tracks.

    11/04/2013 - 11/07/2013
    Barcelona, Spain
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  • The OpenStack Summit is a four-day conference for developers, users, and administrators of OpenStack Cloud Software.

    11/05/2013 - 11/08/2013
    Hong Kong
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  • Join us on 7 & 8 November in Amsterdam for a reality check on Open Development. Experience how new ways of working, open data, tools and technology come together in the future of international development & humanitarian aid.

    11/07/2013 - 11/08/2013
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Want to learn more about CMS software, learn how to build powerful web applications with Joomla, and connect with others in the Joomla! community?

    Then you need to be at the 2013 Joomla! World Conference!

    Space is limited, so purchase your ticket today!

    11/08/2013 - 11/10/2013
    Harvard University, Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Boston, MA, USA
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  • The CentOS Dojo's are a one day event, organised around the world, that bring together people from the CentOS Communities to talk about systems administration, best practises in linux centric activities and emerging technologies of note.

    The emphasis is to find local speakers and tutors to come together and talk about things that they care about most, and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios.

    This is a not for profit event. Ticket sales are recycled into costs for the event.

    Madrid, Spain
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  • Are you a developer with a passion for mobile? Have an app you’d like to port? Don’t have an app yet, but want to make one using HTML5 for Tizen, a new open source mobile OS brought to you by the Linux Foundation? This hack’s for you!

    Join BeMyApp for a Tizen HTML5 Devlab & Hack. We’ll have the SDK, support and leadership you need, and we’ll be awarding cash prizes for the best apps created and ported during the hack.

    *Please note that YOU will retain ownership copyright on all of your code and ideas.

    The Tizen App Challenge is a global competition, sponsored by Intel and Samsung, with over $4 million in prizes available. After you register for an account at the Tizen Store Seller Office and you submit your app, you will be notified that your app has passed certification and you're ready to move to the next step.

    For more information on the contest, please visit

    Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices, and smart TVs.

    Date: 10/11/2013 - 10/12/2013
    Location: The Profile, Vancouver, BC

    11/08/2013 - 11/09/2013
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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  • The premier annual event where customers, partners, end-users, engineers, and other community members gather to share ideas, insights, and innovations around Alfresco, the open source Enterprise Content Management platform. This year we have expanded the conference to include both technical and non-technical tracks.

    11/12/2013 - 11/15/2013
    Boston, MA
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  • The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies will be holding the 8th edition of the National Conference on Open Source Software, in Tunis, November 12, 2013, the theme of which will be "Open Source: Economic Growth Engine."

    Similarly to the previous editions, interactive discussion panels are organized and structured around the following themes:

    Session 01 : Business Models & "Success Stories"
    Session 02 : Innovation in Open Source

    Exhibition space for SSLL and open source community is planned for this 2013 edition.

    Hammamet, Tunisia
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  • OW2con'13 is the fifth edition of the annual community event that brings together technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from 50 countries around the world. This year’s international conference will be held at Innovation Gardens at the Orange R&D complex in Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux, on Wednesday and Thursday, 13-14 November 2013. A full workshop day will take place on Tuesday November 12. All developers, open source strategists, technologists and entrepreneurs are welcome to attend, share their experiences and network with their peers.

    11/12/2013 - 11/14/2013
    Paris-Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
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  • Since 1999 the Linux Symposium has always tried to provide a comfortable collaboration environment for technical people working on all aspects of the Linux Project. We have done our best to provide a vendor neutral academic-style conference where developers, administrators, and users all feel at ease and are able to work together.

    The goal of the Linux Symposium is to bring together Linux developers, enthusiasts, and systems administrators to improving communication, strengthen the personal connections within the Linux Community and to promote the open and free dissemination of new ideas.

    Annually our attendees represent over 30 countries and the Symposium strives to be one of best internationally represented Linux events with content coming from all corners of the vast and incredibly diverse Linux and Open Source Software community.

    11/18/2013 - 11/21/2013
    Ottawa, Canada
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  • Gary O’Neall, founder of Source Auditor & Rami Sass, CEO of White Source will discuss consequences of improperly managed open source components and what can be done to prevent technical and compliance failures and missed business opportunities.

    Source Auditor is a provider of analysis and audits for open source since 2003. White Source is an automated cloud-based SaaS solution for complete life-cycle management of open source components.

    "Since 2003 we have provided hundreds of software audits and in only one occasion have we not found a “surprise” – some software that was either not disclosed or was not known by the software vendor. Although most of the findings are relatively benign, some have very significant impact requiring re-engineering of software, or resulting in lost opportunities."
    - Gary O’Neall, Founder of Source Auditor

    On the Agenda:
    • What to expect from an open source audit
    • Real case studies illustrating typical findings
    • Best practices for managing open source

    For questions, contact us at:

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  • Git and GitHub have become indispensable tools for software developers of all backgrounds: industrial software engineers, computer scientists, and students and researchers in any other field in which coding is a key part of your work. In this three-hour workshop, GitHub trainer Tim Berglund will lead you carefully through the basic skills you need to be productive with Git and to collaborate with other developers on GitHub. Learn how to convert an existing project to a Git Repository, track changes to your project, protect your work from experimental changes through branching, push code to repositories on GitHub, and collaborate with colleagues through Pull Requests. Bring a laptop with Git installed and be ready to follow along! We look forward to helping work better together with Git.

    Witherspoon Student Center, Room 126, NC State University, 2810 Cates Ave., Raleigh, NC
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  • In this free webinar presented by IASA Global and Black Duck Software we will discuss:

    • What open source software is and key market trends
    • Compliance challenges associated with unmanaged open source use
    • Benefits of a pro-active approach to open source use compliance
    • Best practices in realizing the maximizing the benefits of open source while ensuring governance and compliance
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  • On the quest to maximize productivity, software development organizations are increasingly turning to Agile methodologies and the managed use of open source software.

    Both Agile and open source software can help accelerate development and reduce development costs, but it’s important to ensure that the agility of development is not compromised by the quality, security and licensing challenges of using open source software.

    This webinar will explore how the same tools and processes used in agile development can be effectively applied to the adoption of open source software in an agile environment.

    Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013
    Times: 9am EDT, 6:30pm IST (India), 3:00pm CET (Central Europe), 2:00pm (UK) at 9am EDT

    Learn how to:
    •Develop your open source policy incrementally, the Agile way
    •Apply this open source policy at various stages of your development cycle
    •Use the Agile methodology to simplify adherence to your open source policy
    •Integrate license scanning tools into your continuous integration environment
    •Leverage license management tools to manage the quality of your 3rd party content

    Who should attend:
    •CTO’s and CIOs
    •Technology Managers
    •Corporate IP lawyers
    •Licensing Managers
    •Product Managers
    •Quality Managers
    •Software Developers

    Webinar (online)
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  • If you are interested in delivering your own cloud computing services this is an ideal event for enterprise cloud computing or service providers to find out how thousands of public and private clouds have been deployed using Apache CloudStack.

    The program will consist with a number of CloudStack users and technology developers who are working to make CloudStack one of the most widely deployed enterprise platforms for delivering cloud computing in the world.

    HIghlights of the Conference Include :

    • One Day Hackathon - This is an ideal setting for developers and users to collaborate on the features and future of the CloudStack platform
    • Patrick Debois - Godfather of the DevOps movement will be talking about how "agile operations" is driving innovation in how IT operations is delivering infrastructure.
    • Bruno Rijsman - Distinguished Engineer in the Software Solutions Division (SSD) at Juniper Networks will outlineOpenContrail is an open source and standards-based project for SDN controller that delivers network virtualization and enables the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments.
    • Wido Den Hollander - As one of the committers and contributors to Apache CloudStack Wido will outline how Ceph can provide distributed storage for cost effective cloud storage.
    • Mark Burgess - Mark Burgess is one of the leading experts on configuration-management and policy-based automation for the data center. He's also the author of CFEngine, a widely deployed open source systems management platform.

    To register for the event please visit -

    11/20/2013 - 11/22/2013
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • AFUP announces the next edition of the PHP Forum, the most important international talks cycle dedicated to the language and its ecosystem in France. The Forum will be held on 2013, November 21st/22nd, in Montrouge, near Paris.

    After a calendar change in 2012, this PHP Forum 2013 is tacking back its original spot in the international PHP events agenda : an autumnal session allowing for a richer program, with prestigious guests ; a favourable period for the professionals coming to this major event as well.

    Like each year, AFUP concocts a programming of quality, by calling upon PHP experts and passionnates who would like to share their experiences and knowledge.

    11/21/2013 - 11/22/2013
    Montrouge, Paris, France
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  • The initiative was launched by Neelie Kroes' Young Advisors with the support from DG Connect at the European Commission. Sounds fancier than it really is. We're just a bunch of young people with a dream of a world where all sort of crazy ideas are given a chance to change the world. But it's not really about us.

    Actually, it's about all of us. Our future. Technology is shaping our lives, but we're letting a minority decide what and how we use it for. We can do better than just sharing and liking stuff. We can bring our crazy ideas to life, build things that will bring joy to others.

    11/25/2013 - 11/30/2013
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