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Surprisingly, only few people know about how much big companies like SAP are involved into Open Source (OS). Let’s change that! Big companies are often defining software standards but also need to implement existing ones - so there is a big need for OS to drive adoption and be compatible with other products! 

Join us for the introductory session of the “OS in Big Companies” meetup series and get a high level introduction on why this is a very valuable but also necessary combination. In this first meetup, we will present SAP's involvement in OS and outline recent projects. Furthermore, you can expect an external OS speaker sharing insights from another big company!

09 Jul 2014
Palo Alto, CA

On July 9th, 11am Eastern time, Eoghan Glynn will be leading a hangout in which he'll discuss what's coming in Ceilometer in the Juno release. If the time isn't convenient, you'll be able to watch the archived video at that same location afterwards. Please come to the #rdo-hangout channel on the Freenode IRC network for discussion and questions during the event.

Ceilometer is the metering/monitoring component of OpenStack. You can read more about it at:

09 Jul 2014

OKFestival is back! Join us for the world's largest open knowledge event and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

The Open Knowledge Festival in 2014 will be the biggest open data and open knowledge event the world has ever seen. We’ve taken a step back, listened to your feedback and talked with you since the first Festival in 2012, and now we’re ready to help create the 2014 Open Knowledge Festival with you.

The Open Knowledge Festival is a global, inclusive and participatory event. It is organised by the Open Knowledge Foundation Central and owned by the open knowledge community in the broadest sense.

15 Jul 2014 to 18 Jul 2014
Berlin, Germany

What do innovative companies have in common?
WSO2, SUSE and Yenlo serve some of the most innovative enterprises around the world, and we’ve found that these successful businesses have a lot in common. Enterprises able to adopt today’s leading technologies and best practices obtain competitive advantage by attracting and serving their customers with greater reach, efficiency, and insight. Characteristic of such thriving enterprises is that they are transforming into a “Connected Business” – employees, partners, customers, and communities working seamlessly together.

Let’s make IT part of the business success.
Mobile-first and API-first design, big data analytics, online store experiences, agile development and operations, open source strategy, and IaaS and PaaS cloud-based services represent huge opportunities to transform IT from a cost-sink to the forefront of business success.

Why WSO2, SUSE and Yenlo
WSO2, SUSE and Yenlo offer a complete set of open source tools for building such a connected business. Streamline operations and provide an infrastructure for innovation using SUSE Cloud and SUSE Manager. Build new applications and systems using WSO2’s fully-integrated middleware platform encompassing all the integration, security, governance, and automation capabilities you need. Bring new fundamental connection capabilities online with WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, WSO2 Enterprise Store, WSO2 PaaS, and WSO2 App Factory. Team up with Yenlo’s experienced consultants to put these systems in place efficiently.

About this Workshop
We have consolidated some of the best practices shared by these successful innovative organizations and offer a full day workshop packed with demo’s and use cases. We know your time is limited therefore the workshop will be split into a morning and afternoon session, where the morning will be predominantly focused on the business side of IT and the afternoon will be about the technical side of the connected business.

After this workshop you will understand this emerging vision of IT, and come away with practical steps to transform your own enterprise into a Connected Business and have the opportunity to discuss your specific IT challenges with the experts.

Target Audience
Everybody is more then welcome, to give you an idea of audience which visited the workshops in the past:

- Enterprise Architects;
- IT managers;
- Java (lead) Developers;
- SOA experts.

This workshop is free of charge and is offered to you by WSO2, SUSE and Yenlo. Travel and stay are at your own expense.

One (1) full day split into a morning and afternoon session.

16 Jul 2014

During this meetup, there will be a discussion around the work being done on this CPI enables customers of any OpenStack cloud to use Cloud Foundry to accelerate development of cloud applications and drive value by working against a common service API. We’ll discuss the future of infrastructure automation as it pertains to the adoption of private and public clouds. Attendees will learn what BOSH is not, how it is different from Chef and Puppet, and how automating the integration of PaaS and IaaS, on a technical level, has the potential to drive greater adoption of public and private clouds. We will also illustrate ways to make the PaaS layer install on top of OpenStack without human interaction.

17 Jul 2014
Sunnyvale, CA

Everything open source (and we mean everything)

From the early days of open source, OSCON has been the only event that covers the open source stack in its entirety. Not just one language, tool, or philosophy, but all of the moving parts, integrated and working together. It's everything you need to know about open source to keep you ahead of the curve.

20 Jul 2014 to 24 Jul 2014
Portland, Oregon, US

"At EuroPython, you get to hear talks by open-source project authors that you admire, and then you get to meet them and contribute back. It's a thrilling experience, and a very inspiring one that has greatly affected my work in Python and open source." - Audrey Roy

21 Jul 2014 to 27 Jul 2014
Berlin (BCC), Germany

OpenEdJam is a 3-day international event that brings together activists, developers, educators, engineers, librarians, and makers from all fields. We will provide a hands-on environment where participants can collaborate on innovative creations and uses of free and open education resources.

Software: Attend workshops and demonstrations on free and open software.

Hardware: Attend workshops and demonstrations on freedom respecting hardware.

Curriculum: Attend workshops and demonstrations on free and open curriculum resources (e.g. textbooks, worksheets, etc.).

Hackathon: On Day 2 and Day 3, there will be a hardware and software hackathon to develop and support free and open education resources. Beginner and seasoned hackers are welcome! We will have multiple hardware and software platforms and tools for your hacking needs.

25 Jul 2014 to 27 Jul 2014
San Antonio, TX

The community Brazil OpenStack is pleased to announce the first OpenStack meetup taking place in Brazil in Porto Alegre (FTEC) on July 26, 2014, after the Soccer World Cup. That same day, we also commemorate the 4th anniversary of OpenStack. This celebration will happen concurrently with other countries of the world.

26 Jul 2014
Porto Alegre, RS / BRAZIL

Join us for Designing the Next Gen Data-Driven Visualization Apps, DC Metro BIRT Developers’ Meetup on Tuesday July 29! We will explore emerging best practices for creating compelling, high-scale data-driven applications, how data is becoming a differentiator in customer-facing apps, and some of the ways developers can tap the power of big and small data. You will also hear from one of our BIRT experts in building data driven apps with Actuate's new freemium BIRT iHub F-Type enterprise-grade server.

Every attendee will receive their own FREE copy of the Actuate F-Type BIRT server, and will be able get started immediately distributing BIRT reports and visualizations with new levels of interactivity, automation, and embeddability – nice!

This event is free, and is open to anyone interested in Open Source Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualizations, and related topics.

In addition to great networking, we will have two interactive presentations:
• 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven Apps - This session will detail how data-driven apps have become major drivers for the worldwide software market as well as the best customer experiences. Highlighting proven best practices, approaches, and examples, you’ll also hear about the emerging “small data" design movement which helps to drive focus and user adoption.
Speaker: Allen Bonde, former industry analyst and Offerpop CMO, and currently a Forbes contributor and editor of the top-rated Small Data Group blog. Allen recently joined Actuate as VP of Product Marketing & Innovation

• Creating Data-Driven Apps with the FREE BIRT iHub F-Type! - BIRT is a powerful framework for adding data visualizations and reporting capability to your application. This presentation will demonstrate several different ways to integrate BIRT into your application with Actuate’s most recent offering, the BIRT iHub F-Type. BIRT iHub F-Type is a new free report server for BIRT developers creating smaller-scale department level data-driven apps, as well as larger enterprises looking for a way to test drive Actuate’s deployment platform for business critical customer facing apps.
Speaker: Virgil Dodson, Director, BIRT Evangelists. Virgil is a Developer Evangelist at Actuate (sponsor of the open source Eclipse BIRT project) and directs a team of developers assisting BIRT users on the BIRT Developer Center community site. Virgil and his team participate in developer conferences around the world and have been exploring how BIRT fits with Location technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

• 6-6:30pm: Register, meet & greet (hot pizza, cold drinks/beer and cookies will be ready and waiting)

• 6:30-7:10pm: Presentation - 5 Best Practices for Designing Data-Driven App

• 7:10-7:20pm: Break/networking

• 7:20-8pm: Presentation - Creating Data-Driven Apps with the FREE BIRT iHub F-Type!

• 8-9pm: Q&A "Office hour" – bring your questions for BIRT Experts

Location: 2101 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20037
Google Map:
The venue is metro accessible, with the nearest stops being Foggy Bottom (Blue/Orange lines) and Farragut North (Red line)
For those driving, there is street parking around the venue, as well as plenty of parking garages nearby -

29 Jul 2014
Washington, DC