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We're pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the Moderators' Choice Award, Matt Jadud. Matt is an assistant professor of computer science at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He's been an integral part of the Education channel throughout our first year, as author, active member of the authors' list, and advisor. Read more

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Art is the Research Manager for New Kind where he focuses on research and analysis for new methods of community engagement and participation. His latest article explores open source procurement in governments. He's also written about open source cost savings in the Netherlands.

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Remy is a resident hacktivist & storyteller at the Rochester Institute of Technology Lab for Technological Literacy, Remy serves as Campaign Architect of FOSS@RIT. His most recent post on explores community building and diversity.

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Luke is the founder of GovFresh and lives in the San Franscisco Bay Area. He promotes open government and his most recent addition to highlights lesson learned in building a scalable open government process.

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Drew has been with us since day 1. He visits the site on a daily basis and often contributes to our community in the comments. "Dragonbite" has some great knowledge to share--whether it's participating on an open thread or commenting on one of our polls, he's always out there sharing, contributing, and adding value to our community.

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Steve began his Open Source efforts by creating a class at RIT that taught students to make educational games for the OLPC XO/Sugar platforms and fired by student enthusiasm for HFOSS activities has shepherded the 2 largest POSSEs on record, built a model of student engagement that has been presented at several academic and industry conferences and had some of the best times of his academics career.  FOSS@RIT efforts have been covered in OLPC and FOSS@RIT--Education innovation the open source wayThe Course-to-Co-op Lifecycle: OpenInnovation@RITOVC evolution, a snapshot of a student HFOSS work-in-progressGames for life: Girl Scouts, games, and the open source way.

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Simon Phipps (smiling)

Simon is the Chief Strategy Officer at ForgeRock and takes an active interest in several free and open source software organizations, including Open Source Initiative and Open Source for America. From his first article about changes to the OSI to his latest post titled Open standards: The sentinel principle, Simon is sharing his expertise and stories about the open source way.

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Craig Harffey

Craig is the CIO of The Myfreedom Group. He is an avid computing and Linux fan who has served time in corporate IT. He's achieved the Rock Star role by commenting and participating in our community. Craig shared with us that it's such a rarity to see a non-technical site about open source with such great contributors and discussion. He's jumped right into conversations like this one.

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Meet Paul Booker. He's a web developer in Birmingham, England and a contritor to Mozilla. He is a big fan of Drupal and helps edit the about:mozilla newsletter. We hope you enjoy getting to know Paul. Read more.

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Meet Scott Nesbitt. He's a freelance writer and consultant in Toronto, Canada. He uses open source tools for more than 85 percent of the work he does. He's idealistic about more getting more open data from our governments. Nesbitt also contributes to FLOSS Manuals by helping to document open source projects. We hope you enjoy getting to know Scott. Read more.

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