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Meet Peter Borsa. He's a student at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. He is passionate about Drupal and Fedora. We hope you enjoy getting to know Peter and finding out what he thinks the biggest challenges to openness are and why he chooses the open source way. Read more.

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As the Community Manager of GovLoop—a highly active online community connecting more than 50,000 public sector professionals—Andrew Krzmarzick suspects his role is pretty similar to leading an open source project.

Hear Andrew speak more on this at the 2012 National Conference for Government Webmasters this year on September 11th in Kansas City.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Andy.

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Meet Barry Peddycord III, a PhD student in computer science at North Carolina State University. He wishes academia were more open so work like his can reach as many audiences as possible. Barry's insightful comments on articles across many groups enhance our conversations about the open source way. You can read his thoughts on open education at his blog. We hope you enjoy getting to know Barry.

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Meet Harish Pillay. An open source all-star in Singapore. He runs a personal blog called "life one degree north, one-o-three degrees east" that focuses on technology, FOSS, and open source. If you don't have @harishpillay on your Twitter stream, he's definitely worth a follow. We thank him for sharing many of our articles with his followers. You might find him in person at FUDcon or other open source events in the Asia-Pacific region. In his spare time, he's an active contributor to Fedora.

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Meet Marek Mahut. He's a system administrator in Brno, Czech republic, works for Red Hat, and has an interest in the public sector—particularly in how it can be more open and transparent. Read more about Marek and his contributions to

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Meet John Scott. He is a systems engineer in Alexandria, Virginia. Scott has worked extensively on open source software policy for the US government and military--and helped found MIL-OSS and Open Source for America. See what else he does.

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David Doria is currently working on a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He works in the field of computer vision and image processing. David recently contributed his first article: Open source software gains ground in higher education.

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Seth joined in October with a post about Novacut. Since then, he's been sharing his knowledge of Kdenlive in an ongoing open video editing series that has been very popular with our readers. Ant there's more on the way. He's an independent multimedia artist and free culture advocate. We'd like to thank Seth for his current and future contributions. You've never seen open video editing like this before!

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Dana is a journalist who writes about business, renewable energy, and healthcare. His contributions on include Tips for an open source process and Making community software sustainable. You can also read his personal blog which covers a variety of topics.

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Daniel is the Head of Engineering at Artsy who recently wrote How to become an amazing contributor (to an open source project), where he explores the qualities he values most in engineers who contribute to open source. dB also explores domain driven design and corporate change with open source in previous articles. His family recently welcomed a new addition.

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