the open source way

How to write your book using Linux

publishing the open source way
I spent the past year writing The Librarian’s Guide to Academic Research in the Cloud , a book which focuses on using and thinking about cloud...Read more

The secret ingredient in open source

Secret ingredient in open source
Open source has a secret. Do you know what it is? It has to do with a common characteristic found across successful open source communities that set...Read more

Open thread: How to improve our community discussion list?

open thread
Let's talk about our community discussion list . It's a public mailing list we created some time ago to facilitate conversation about more

Teaching open source: Team operating principles that can be used on any project

Team operating principles: the open source way
Matt Jadud and Mel Chua have been friends of from the beginning. Together with others they "are working on (the) Craft of Electronics...Read more

Montessori and the open source way

open source education and Montessori
I read with delight Steve Dennings article Is Montessori The Origin on Google and Amazon? . His arguments are firm, they accommodate a wide range of...Read more

Logo creation the open source way: New POSSE logo announced

Whoa. Thanks for all the feedback on the POSSE logo from everyone who voted and chimed in. Your comments are very useful. The final results, in order...Read more

Your open source management approach: Red Team or Blue Team?

When I hear people in the technology industry talk about the benefits of open source software, one of things they mention often is their belief that...Read more

What does Google's management change say about the open source way?

Last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced in a post on his blog he was stepping aside and Google co-founder Larry Page would take on management of...Read more