Book contest for Open Library Week

Open Libary Week book contest
It's Open Library Week at , and we're celebrating open source tools and methods for libraries with a contest. Enter for a chance to...Read more

Makers are the new industrial revolution

open up book review
Following up on the recent review of the Maker's Manifesto, I ran across the book Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson . Anderson...Read more

Three free eBooks: open always wins, video editing, and open source thought leaders

books about open source free eBooks are one of the many ways we strive to share open source knowledge and passion for implementing it beyond technology (but...Read more

Creating an eBook using the AsciiDoc markup language

For manuals and guides, Wikis are an excellent way of organizing content. Yet, they often don't work as well for larger articles or books because...Read more

How to create an eBook the open source way

Astute readers will have noticed that we’ve begun publishing our "Open Voices" e B ooks in the ePub format. Now, some of our best essays and...Read more

Open source summer reading list

2013 Summer Reading List
Earlier this month, Facebook officially announced its implementation of hashtags, prompting both celebration and outcry from users. But the event...Read more

The Open Book (Free Stuff Friday!)

The Open Book is an essential reference point for those interested in the culmination of a global movement for change in a time of rapid social...Read more

10 ways to get started with open source

open here
My experience tells me there are a lot of people interested in trying open source, but they don't know where to start. And the perception that you...Read more