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Open organizations need linchpins, not replaceable cogs

becoming indispensable
Educator Don Watkins explains how an industrial-era school system produces the wrong kind of employees today.Read more

The evolution of the open organization

Author Brook Manville puts open organization concepts into contexts—and answers the question: "What's new here?"Read more

Start something new because it's good for you

Don Watkins discovers a similar attitude toward innovation in Seth Godin's Poke the Box and Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization.Read more

The best ideas win: Community reflections on The Open Organization

OpenOrg Field Guide
We're pleased to announce The Open Organization Field Guide, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization.Read more

Your guide to 7 open eBook formats

What open file formats are out there for eBooks, and which ones are best?Read more

You might want to hug this book: a review of 'Git for Teams'

Git for Teams by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby is a good technology book, but it's the non-technical parts that make it excellent.Read more

10 inspirational books for open leadership principles

Color Books
Like The Open Organization? Then you're sure to love these 10 inspirational books for open leadership principles recommended by Jim Whitehurst.Read more

Leaders should set direction, inspire, and get out of the way

A recap from the discussion of chapter 7 of The Open Organization about how leaders in open organizations catalyze direction.Read more