Bohemian broadband and the FOSS/maker culture

Bohemian broadband and the FOSS/maker culture

Last month, Verizon announced their HomeFusion broadband Internet service, which provides faster-than-DSL Internet service to a broad swath of rural America. After paying a one time fee of $200 for a device that hangs on the side of your house, you can live anywhere Verizon's LTE cell phone service reaches and receive fixed wireless broadband Internet at that location for $60/month.

For the longest time, rural home dwellers have had very poor choices for high-speed Internet. Some chose to use satellite Internet service, but that was often a costly and unsatisfactory solution. Verizon's new option is going to be » Read more


Is broadband a necessity or a nice to have?

Is broadband a necessity or a nice to have?

Last month, I attended the 5th Annual Leadership North Carolina Forum. The day was filled with amazing information and thought-provoking ideas for the future. However, one session I attended kept me thinking. » Read more


Portland launches City Sync to increase government transparency

Today in his Open Source Bridge keynote, Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, OR announced Project City Sync, the next step in making local and regional governments more transparent.

Adams called on the attendees to help put coherence to city work, to help link up governments, and to put some framework to those interactions through the new project, which is currently live in beta. » Read more


911: Can you hear me now?

For decades, first responders have dealt with a lack of interoperable communications products. The 9/11 Commission Report1 and the Katrina Report2 both concluded that the absence of interoperable communications among public safety organizations at the local, state, and federal levels was a serious problem and hindrance to emergency response during two of the nation’s worst disasters. » Read more